Start in Cancun End in Costa Rica (A)

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accessibility HOP ON HOP OFF BUS PASSES: is a convenient, flexible easy indepedent and free way to travel for Backapackers by Backpackers in, Guatemala Mexico, Belize Honduras Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Peru and Bolivia including all of your transportation on first class public buses and comfortable hostel to hostel vans along the route. Let us to organize the details of your travel so you can enjoy it!

style EASY TICKETING : Pick up bus tickets at bus station with confirmation number 30 minutes before departure or get picked up at your hostel in selected routes.

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visibility Included: Free included activities with bus passes.
directions_bus All Your Transportation:  in First Class Public Buses or Hostel to Hostel vans.
accessibility Free Activities:  in destinations along the route.
person_pin Flexible Itineraries:  so you can feel free to stay as long as you want in each destination.
date_range Daily Departures:  in all routes and activities.
perm_phone_msg Free English Speaking assistance:  for all of your questions and itinerary changes.
group_add Email, Skype, MSN, Gmail Chat or over the phone:  to speak with a MARVELUS Representative.

Recommended Time: 27 days 

Included stops :

Cancun City Playa del Carmen – Tulum – Belize ciy – Flores-Tikal – Lanquin Semuc Champey – Antigua – Pacaya Volcano – Guatemala city – Salvador – Managua – Costa Rica

Included activities:

Pacaya Trekk, Tikal Sunrise, Semuc champey.


my_location Day 1; Cancun Arrival transfer to your hotel

Today you can arrive in Cancun Airpot at any time, and easily way to take a local bus to Cancun Centre for your hostel.

my_location Day 2 ; Free day in Cancun

Today you will walks aroung the centre of Cancun or take an orientation urban safe bus to Cancun beach and enojoy the really nice beach, where you immerse yourself on there.

my_location Day 3 ; Cancun to Playa del Carmen

Today over our orientation way you will take a first class public bus from cancun centre to Playa del Carmen for 1 hour, at any time

my_location Day 4 ; Free day in Playa del Carmen

Today have a nice relaxing beach in Playa del Carmen

my_location Day 5 ; Playa del Carmen to Tulum

Today will have a really good experience take a fist class public bus from Playa del Carmen to Tulum centre for 1 hours at any time

my_location Day 6 ; Free day in Tulum

Today dont miss the day to explore the Riviemaya with a classic ruins of Tulum, and also swin on there, experience how mayan people were living around the atlantic beach

my_location Day 7 ; Tulum to Chetumal and to Caye Caulker (by your own by boat)

Today at 11 am you will take a first classic public bus from Tulum bus station to Chetumal bus station, an inmediately will go to Chetumal feery where you will take a local boat from Chetumal to Caye caulker at 3 pm.

my_location Day 8 ; Free day in Caye Caulker

Today you will have a relaxin day or just contract a local partners to have a water activities for a day.

my_location Day 9 ; Caye Caulker to Belize (on your own by boat) to Flores

Today at 6 am you will take a boat from Caye caulker to Belize city mainland and take a local shared van from Belize city to FLores island Guatemala

my_location Day 10; Tour Tikal Ruins

Today our local partner will meet you in your hostel at 4.30 am and take you in Tikal park for half day educational tour, experience the real mayan classic remains and later back by shared van in Flores island

my_location Day 11; Free day in Flores

Today you just relaxing in Flores island, you can walk around it, or getting a local boat to visit Chaltun ha island, and zoo located around the lake Peten Itza

my_location Day 12; Flores to Lanquin

Today our local partner will pick you up in your hostel at 9 am to transfer you in Lanquin village hostel for 7 hours today you will have full day trip.

my_location Day 13; Semuc Champey and Kamba Caves Tour

Today our local partner will pick you up at 9 am and takes you by a local safe truck in Semuc champey Park, where you will inmmerse with a local guide into the kanba caves and later to soak you up in Crystal natural pools of Semuc Champey and come bak to Lanquin hostel for overnight

my_location Day 14 Free day in Lanquin

Today you will relaxing in Lanquin and getting chiilling time

my_location Day 15; Lanquin to Antigua

After your breakfast in Lanquin you will be transferred by shared van from Lanquin to Antigua for 7 hours

my_location Day 16; Pacaya Volcano Trek

Today our local partner will meet you in your hostel and transfer you in Volcano base, once you have gotten there one the local guide will take you in the top of Volcano to see the ash and lava steaming, whereas you will takes awesome pictures and back donw to the hotel

my_location Day 17; Free day in Antigua

Today on your own you will have relaxing time to explore the Antigua colonial city of Guatemala

my_location Day 18 Antigua – Panajachel – home stay

Today our local partner will meet you in Antigua hotel to tranfer you in Panajachel Lake Atitlan for 3 hours aproxx, once you are in Panajachel please go in Marvelus travel office and a happy guy will lead you in San Jorge village for Home stay

my_location Day 19 Home stay – Panajachel

Today our local partner will lead you in Hostel in Panajachel for next night today you will have free time to explorer the Panajachel city or just take a local public boat to visit Santiago Atitlan or San Pedro and back in Panajachel for your overnight

my_location Day 20 Panajachel – Antigua overnight

Today our local partner will meet you in Panajachel hotel to transfer you in Antigua, for overnight, we have 3 times departures so you can have choice to choose the options

my_location Day 21 Antigua to Guatemala city to San Salvador

Today at 9 am our partner will pick you up in Antigua hotel to transfer you in Guatemala city by shared van and later you will take a First class public bus from Guatemala city to San Salvador for overnight

my_location Day 22; San Salvador to Managua

Today at 4 am you will take a first class public bus from San Salvador to Managua, this trip you will take 10 hours to Managua capital of Nicaragua and once you are there our local partner will be met you and transfer you in Granada city for overnight

my_location Day 23 ; Granada Isleta tours

Today our local partner will meet you in hostel you will take a half day of Isleta tours around Managua Lakes and back to your hostel a local guide will be with you alon the tour

my_location Day 24 ; Granada – San Juan del Sur

Today our local partner will meet and take you for 3 hours to San Juan del Sur by shared van for 15 passengers

my_location Day 25 San Juan del Sur – Free day

Today you will have relaxing day in San Juan del Sur beach, or just soak up by the huge waves.

my_location Day 26 ; San Juan del Sur – Liberia – Monteverde

Today our local reliable partner will pick you up from San Juan del Sur to transfer you in Penas Costa Rica and Nicaragua Border, where you will check your docs and in Costa Rica border side, you will take a public bus to Liberia and liberia our shuttle bus will take you to Monteverde

my_location Day 27 Monteverde Canopy

Today at 8 am our local partner will meet you and transfer you in Monteverde hostel and take to national park of Monteverde and make a zipline tour for half day

my_location Day 28 ; Monteverde la Fortuna

Today our local partner will meet you and transfer you in La Fortuna Village today you will travel around 2 pm

my_location Day 29 ; La Fortuna Arenal Volcano

Today our local partner will meet you in your hotel and transfer you in the Base of Arenal Volcano to experience the real panoramic and along the way you will have also the Warm spring

my_location Day 27 ; La Fortuna San Jose – San Jose

Today our local partner will meet you in your hostel and transfer you in San Jose capital of Costa Rica

my_locationDay 28 San Jose – Rafting tour

Today you will have a really good rafting experience for full day


Local Activities

  • Pacaya Trekk
  • Tikal Sunrise
  • Semuc champey
  • Canopy
  • Isleta tours



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