About Marvelus Members

Marvelus Travel is a great success story. With humble/Strong roots and through enthusiasm work, this owned enterprise has grown into a very successful company with international experience and a long list of happy international clients. We are experts in Central American travel and intimately understand your passion and interest. Our team has 10 years of the experience, contacts, and tools to adjust you in discovering destinations independently or group but with ease. Get in touch with us today and let us facilitate your next Marvelus adventure! 

Marvelus Travel.com, company registered in Central America with the company number 014367. We are VAT registered (number 1874454-0). Our registered address is avenue Santander Zone 2 Panajachel Solola Guatemala C.A.

Daniel Jiatz Founder of the Marvelus Travel on 2006 having on their hand an idea and Panoramic totally Unique Different and complete toward travel Industry, their were very excited smily and safety to see on their vision all those travel creation that currently is become as reality, You can see all those online product by our website.

The Name Daniel Studied Business Administration and loved Marketing and sales thats why decided to create a global name of the company because he is aiming so far, Marvelus is a combination of 2 words, Marvel and Us = MARVELUS

Daniel Jiatz Pocop
Logistics & Marketing

Was born in a village near Panajachel and is very proud of his Guatemalan’s roots. He has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, now Daniel Jiatz is finished the level of the Coaching with NLP, from Jalisco Mexico, and is passionate about expanding Marvelus Travel. Daniel acquired vast experience in the travel industry has explored areas throughout Central America, Mexico and United States, All this allowed him to understand the passion and challenges of every tourist. Daniel is your friendly contact at Marvelus Travel, ready to help you with your dreams.

José Ewaldo López Cabrera

Is an expert in computers and heads our IT department. He also looks after the network and online systems maintenance for Marvelus Travel.

Olivia del Carmen Alonzo
Sales and Operations

Has worked for years in the hospitality industry. She is in charge of the Sales and Operations department at Marvelus Travel, always happy and ready to help you with your ideas and travel pattern. During the last 9 years Olivia has provided assistance to hundreds of travelers to ensure they explore new destinations in a safe and gratifying way.